Thursday, July 28, 2011

a little over my head...

I started using some 'mindmapping' software to keep track of my tasks at work, so I thought 'maybe I'll try that with my personal projects too!'

Woah. Maybe I'm biting off a little more than I can chew here. But what can I say, I love my projects. They make me happy.

A check next to a note means I'm working on it ok, where as an exclamation mark means I think I should be getting my ass in gear on that one.

As you can see, I'm making terrible progress with my home programming category. Don't worry, I have excuses! As an experienced excuse-giver, I have plenty!
1. when I get home, I'm all tired out from programming all day and don't want to look at computers, except for maybe facebook. damn, fb, you're addictive.
2. and this is probably the main reason:
The back room where the desktop computer is with the higher processing power and more memory and where I have Eclipse set up and everything... is also the room where we keep the cat toilet.
Damn, no matter how much I clean it (alright not enough, obviously), I start to have respiratory problems if I stay in there too long.
...come to think of it, ... maybe I should set up the computer somewhere else. ;)

But at least I finally got a Flash license from my company!.. they're nearly a thousand dollars, which explained their reluctance, but I've been asking for one for like two years now. I can only use it at work, but that's a start!

Another point of interest, you can see there are no exclamation points near Gemini. I finally finished the first draft, so I'm cutting myself some slack in that area. But my book (Tokyo By Pen) has some bits that relate to current events, so I really can't wait too long or it'll seem old.

just from looking at this list there are some items that need some explanation, so here are some links for your nerdily pleasure.

Evil Editor is an editor's blog where he rates and mocks/praises people's query letters and generally gives helpful advice.

While we're on the subject of query letters, another favorite reference is Miss Snark (her blog hasn't been updated in years, but it's a great archive of querying advice).

"Heroku" is a Ruby on Rails platform hosting service, where you can get started for free, recommended by the kind folks at the Tokyo on Rails meetup.

'Geeks' is the Tokyo Geeks meetup, where I help out with organizing geeky events around Tokyo. Yessss, even my social life is geeky. *shrug*

What are some good songs to learn on guitar that everyone knows? I'm thinking along the lines of 'Yellow' by Coldplay, 'Love is what I got' by Sublime, Everlong by Foo Fighters...

See you next time, where I will blog about my amazing penrose tile quilt!
... as you can see by the exclamation mark, I'm procrastinating, but never you mind that ;)


Blogger cat weaver said...

Wow! I should do something like that to keep track of everything. Like "Send off for my birth certificate, then use that to get the passport then visit Kyra."
Also, btw, even though you already have so much to do, you might want to consider making your blog into a book some day. It's quite entertaining and well-written.
I would love to be a beta reader on your book.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Kyra said...

yay! I'll send it to you as soon as I get rid of the embarrasing number of typos, plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, and characters whose names change about six times throughout the course of the novel ;)

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cat: I may have your birth certificate. I'll look.

Kyra: Your graph is amazing and despite what you say, you seem to be doing a lot!

Grandma Blue

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Jeri said...

I LOVE this! You are so smart Kyra! I particularly like the way it goes off in all directions - you are so well rounded!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous spencer said...

hey kyra, i haven't read your blog in ages, but realized i missed you and takeshi when ayumi was in town last week. i read a previous comment about turning your blog into a book. if you want to do that, you should check out they make very reasonable photo books of high quality and turning blogs into books is one of the types of books they have to offer. i'm making one of our honeymoon, which will probably take me a year because of all the pics we took, but there is so much freedom with their program, you may like it. anyways, hope all is well and hope to see you guys sometime in the future.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Kyra said...

Aw, thanks Spencer! We miss you too! sorry we didn't visit properly at your wedding... we want to come to Socal again soon, let's catch up then!

Thanks grandma blue and Jeri :D I'll send you both my book too if you volunteer to be beta readers!

3:12 AM  

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