Saturday, May 09, 2015

Gettin' Busy

Oh man. I am itching to write about work, but also, slightly terrified this blog will get in the wrong hands and be used against me somehow, as it often goes with the wiley ways of the ol' Internets.

I have been back to work for a year now (go me!) and, after shifting around in my department like some sort of ping pong ball, have settled into a non-demanding and technically noninteresting role.
Basically I am bored and feeling the lethargy of not learning any new technology. It is settling over me like a hot itchy blanket. A blanket I would like to kick off, poof, into the air, and scratch my legs and whatnot!

I know you're probably thinking, but Kyra, can't you learn new stuff at work?
Theoretically, yes. Practically, no.
Let me explain: I have not so much time at the office because I have to leave early to get to daycare on time, and so I have to get some shit DONE between x and y hours of the day, which leaves no time for prototyping or setting up development environments and so on. It doesn't help that we're not allowed to have training meetings not directly involved with projects that are making money for the company during business hours. (reasonable? yes. Annoying? you betcha!),
So, basically there is no opportunity to learn new technology at the office if you only work during the dedicated office hours.

Well... you're probably thinking.
Can't I dedicate some time at home to learning new stuff?
Theoretically? yes.
Practically speaking? Not so much.
I also have a tiny son who is very demanding, and adorably so, who makes me so exhausted that when I finally wrangle him to bed at around 10 o'clock (yes I know this is terribly late, please don't judge me), I fall asleep with him about 9 out of 10 times.
Apparently this is a pretty common problem with parents of young kids, so maybe Dr. Google can prescribe me some advice. Today Ray was sick so I stayed at home and started installing VM VirtualBox manager during his naptime, so I can run Ubuntu as a virtual machine on my windows desktop. I'm hoping to play around with FuelPHP and maybe work on some open source projects. Not like I have much time, but every now and then T will take Ray to have a daddy baby day on the weekends, so I guess I will settle for that for now.

After some cringing and wringing of the wrists I downloaded Lean In for the kindle, and am going to try to work on my career a little harder. For me, this means kicking off the itchy blanket and doing some projects, even when I don't really have time. I'd just better find some fun ones so I can stay motivated.
So my 18 month plan for now is.... contribute to open source projects and blog about them.
My goal: 1 new project, preferably in different programming languages, contributed to and blogged about every 2 months. I think that's a reasonable rate I can stick to.
My first project is working on creating some scripts for Hubot, an open source chat bot, that a coworker proposed for a company hackathon. The event itself will be held outside of working hours due to reasons mentioned above, but I'ma gonna work on something anyway just for kicks and giggles. I finally downloaded all the things you need to even start working on it, which is an extensive list!! and have learned a lot about new (ok, new to me) tech like... Yeoman, a generator... did you know about it?
You did?! ok, well, ... be that way, you smart person you.
So anyways! within the next two months, be prepared to see a blog about a chatbot! ;D and please let me know if you know of any other fun projects to get involved with.

Also, UPDATE! I got a lot of interest in my proposal for a tech study session, so we're going to bend the rules a teensy bit and have it during lunch time. I'm going to give a chat on CoffeeScript! And my friend John gave a really interesting talk about Reflexive site design.
Yay! Brainfood is delicious.


Blogger Fugu Tabetai said...

I understand where you are coming from. I have to drop my son off in the morning, and try to get home by like 6pm or so. Since my wife works weekends (almost always) I just haven't had much free time for the past three years.

I did start recently getting back into one of my hobbies though, and finding the time for that has been a bit tough.

9:00 PM  
Blogger kaika-chan said...

Fugu thanks for the comment! I noticed your blog has all these technical posts these days and it made me both intimidated and inspired!

7:30 AM  
Blogger Kquotes Com said...

I have to drop my son off in the morning, and try to get home by like 6pm or so.

8:12 AM  
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