Thursday, May 10, 2007

Little Gaijin in the Big Apple?!

It's strange, exciting and official: I'm moving to New York ! from July this year on, I'll be living in Manhattan. I have never been to New York, except once on a bus from Pennsylvania to JFK, and that didn't really count.

How did this craziness come about?
Takeshi's company is sending him, on an "overseas training program". This is supposed to make him internationally aware and better at English, which I find hillarious(um, he's visited LA alone 7 times to visit his AMERICAN WIFE, and we speak english at home). The best part is, now they're making him take English classes to prepare for his trip.
Apparently in the class, Takeshi has to read a text book aloud, and is then asked to comment on what he read. Ironically, his text book is full of typos. His first comment after class:
"I hate that fucking English class!"

I think if you can say that, you probably don't need to take the lessons. ^_~

Anyways, at first I was kind of thinking of staying here. I mean... it's just a few years. It would be such a pain in the ass to quit, find a place where they'll hire me , then get another job here in Tokyo. Also, I just got a raise!

... but then I realized I can't stay in this nice company dormitory anymore. And would be living by myself in a high-rent Tokyo apartment, and it wouldn't make very much sense.
... but mostly, New York is sexy!

So if you know anything about New York, or live close by, please tell me everything you know! I am information-hungry!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hrmmm...that means I may have to come visit you. I've seriously been wanting to go to NY and this might be a good chance!


6:41 PM  
Blogger Kyra said...

Hehe, of course you can come!

Takeshi's mom was so funny, she asked us if she could stay with us, and then when we said 'sure!' she opened her calendar and she already had two weeks marked off for when she planned on coming. ^^

So come any time except for the last two weeks of September!

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Stef said...

Wow! That's so cool! If I can get over to NY while you're there, then we definitely have to hang out. ^.^

I hope you have fun! (And you can have lots of American food again! XD)

I feel bad for Takeshi, though... Having to take that English class. I think he should correct the text book in red pen and give it back to the teacher. ^.^

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Nikhil said...

That's great! Have a wonderful time! Ok, for my first set of tips I'll say you need to see Avenue Q, because it's hilarious, and eat at Serendipity, because they have the best deserts in NYC including their famous Chilled Hot Chocolate! ;^)

8:35 AM  
Anonymous dustin said...

Sounds exciting! I'll see what I can dig up. My sis used to live there for a few years so I'll see what info I can get. Tell Takeshi I said "Congratz!" and don't forget to stop off in LA sometime, although I guess NoCal would be your top priority. :-)

12:34 PM  
Blogger Kyra said...

Thanks for the tips! I can't wait!
I guess I should buy a camera-cell phone so I can still post fun pictures.
and stef... takeshi thought that was a great idea. ^^

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've only been there a couple of times myself - there is a lot to see! Try to catch a show, check out Times Square, eat pizza, use public transportation.... :-p


3:17 PM  

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