Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rock On

The results of the Japanese test finally came today. I signed up for it last September, and the $100 bet was made in October, so I had almost forgotten about it. But when the test result came in the mail, I was sort of trembling with excitement, unsure whether I could stand the 30-second wait of actually getting inside the house to open it.
I finally grabbed my keys, fumbled with the lock, threw off my coat, and ripped open.. eep! (a small tear started to appear) then very carefully pryed open the result of the Level 2 Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

here is a literal transcription of the words that came out of my mouth.



".......fuck YEAH baby that hundred bucks is *MINE*!!" *cackle cackle*

hee hee. So that makes two tests I've passed this month. (Too bad neither of them was the first time I took it.) To celebrate, I'm posting my two favorite pics I took on my phone recently.

On the road to work someone lovingly grafittied this crosswalk sign. Kinda looks like Speed Racer... Catering to the small but loyal demographic of people with only one tooth.

And on another note, I finally learned how to say "counting your chickens before the eggs have hatched":
"取らぬ狸の皮算用【とらぬたぬきのかわざんよう】" : "don't count your 'coon skins before you catch em".

Have a rockin' day! ^_^


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the other note: "(lit: don't assume you can grab a tanuki)"

Awesome on passing Level 2!!


3:54 PM  
Anonymous the opemist said...

Congratulations on passing both tests! Now was that $100 USD? Or Yen? :-)

7:10 PM  
Blogger Kyra said...

It was 10,000 yen (the rough equivalent of $100) ^^ haha, if it were 100 yen I wouldn't be quite so excited.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually BabelFish's translation: "For skin calculation of the raccoon dog which you do not take" seems to catch the spirit better...

Hen Na Dad

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Opemist (Mr. Opi) said...

Wish you two could come as well. So come back to Cali., you know, where happy cows live. (We have good Cheese - the billboards tell us so)

8:49 AM  

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