Thursday, October 20, 2011

(and we don't even know) The Name of Our Band

Oops, another month has slipped away and I haven't posted anything! For shame, for shame. A quick update then?

I'm in a band! Playing electric guitar! (I borrowed the guitar from Takeshi's friend who hasn't played it since high school). Did I ever mention this is my second band? The first one was a bunch of old farts (I call them this out of love. Also because they were all in their fities and sixties). from England. There were six guitarists! Four too many! The six guitarists all wanted to do blues, while the bassist (the leader) wanted to do classic rock... you can probably guess how that worked out.

So, I tried applying for bands by looking at the bulletin boards near music shops. Of course they are all in Japanese. I was too nervous to cold call people to try out for bands, talk about intimidating~!!
I, being much more computer-friendly anyways, went online and found a band member search forum.
An ad for an "Advantage Lucy" cover band caught my eye. Advantage Lucy was a relatively minor indies band that reached their peak about ten years ago. When I was studying abroad, I picked up their CD in a ten pack of random CDs at a clearance sale for less than 100 yen, and theirs was the only CD I kept. Anyways, I figured, if these guys are trying to find someone for such an obscure cover band, they're probably legitimate.

It's been sort of rocky, because the bass player (the leader, again) has been causing trouble by threatening to quit twice, making the drummer quit, then arguing with the lead guitarist about who the new drummer should be, ultimately going off with the new drummer and asking me to come along. Jeez, don't drag me into your emo power struggles... !

I stayed with the guitarist and singer and new drummer #2. But now we don't have a bass player, and worse! Our band doesn't even have a name. Heavens to Betsy! We've been practicing for about three - four months now... if we find a new bassist in time, we want to do a gig in December. I've been practicing! I have calluses on my fingers to prove it. Also, the huge magazine rack in the living room (normally filled with fishing and boxing magazines) now also has ONE guitar magazine.

Next rehearsal is this weekend! Will there be more drama and power struggles? Will we find a bass player and schedule a gig? And more importantly, will we finally decide on a name?!
dum dum duummmmm!! Until next time....


Blogger Kyra said...

BTW its Takeshi't birthday! He is now 29, like me. Let's see if either of us admits to turning 30 next year.
I'm thinking not.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Fugu Tabetai said...

I've got a bass and a guitar collecting dust in the closet. I started up with the bass a few years back, but didn't anywhere (I am terrible.) I keep meaning to pick the thing up again.

Congratulations though, that is amazing! Sounds like fun no matter what happens.

11:57 AM  

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