Friday, June 28, 2013

what's next

So, what have you been dong with yourself there, Kyra? Not much on the blog these days I see...
you are probably asking.

Hm, hm. Let me think. well, since I last left you, I decided my super old computer needed to be replaced, so I went to Tsukumo (a specialty store in Akihabara) and picked up some parts, and had a blast assembling a new one all by myself. I had to consult three or four manuals: the motherboard manual, cpu manual, basic assembly do-it-yourself manual provided by the store. All in japanese I may add, but I got it all wired up and am using it as we speak.
It's alive... aliiiive!

The build I'm using is pretty similar to the $600 build featured on lifehacker, only I'm using a 4th gen CPU and 8 gigs of memory, and even though I spent less cash on it this time than the old one we got oh, eight years ago, it's sooo much faster than the old one. I mean, duh I guess, but I'm still pretty impressed with myself. :D
Here's the article for anyone interested in reading it.

Also Mom is busy writing a sequel to her young adult hit fantasy novel Gold Dust, called Phoenix Down, and she asked me to do the cover artwork!
Okay, technically speaking she asked me to do it half a year ago, but at least I finally got started on it. Progress is going very, very slowly because I have very little free time... ok, lots of free time, but very little free time where I can use my hands, due to taking care of my brand new little baby.
What? (I cup my ears, leaning close). You want to know how the baby is?

*starts panting all excited, eyes start shining with a frenetic gleam*
hey, where are you going...? I WANT TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT MY BAYBAY!!!

haha. It's true, when you're single or just not ready for a kid, babies seem like stinky scary fragile little wrinkly ugly noise makers. Add to that the stories you hear of new parents staying up all night, changing thousands of diapers, and otherwise having their lives taken over, and you think
'good god, who would want one of those horrible things??'

...but I assure you, when it's your kid, you are suddenly attacked by the new-parent beer-goggle fairy, and the whole world flips upside down. your eyes are fuzzy and filled with stars. All the songs on your ipod suddenly take on a new meaning. This little person you helped bring into the world is so freakin' adorable, funny, sweet, perfect... sure those OTHER babies are still a little questionable looking, but you've got a clear winner on your hands.
Case in point: the new parent craziness even affects your hearing. You hear the song:

'ooh, baby I love your way... I wanna be with you night and day...'
THAT'S ABOUT MY BOY! you think crazily.

Then the next song comes on.
'I'm up till four in the mornin' and the tears are pouring and I wanna make it worth the fight...' croons Gwen Stefani, and you think 'THAT'S ABOUT ME TAKING CARE OF MY BOY'S 4 AM FEEDING AND DIAPER CHANGE!!', even more crazily...

and then comes Ella Fitzgerald, swinging 'You've got a certain little cute way of flirtin' with them there eyes!'
... yeah you're starting to get the picture. :D

So when you hear new parents complain about all the work, they laugh about it and don't even mention the stuff that makes it worth it, because to them it seems so clear and obvious. The new-parent beer-goggle fairy makes you drunk with love.
I just hope this high continues through the rest of parenthood, because I hear there are some stormy patches coming up in the toddler years!

Here are some little doodles I drew to illustrate some of the situations I find myself in on a daily basis:

If you need a picture or other proof of the so-called cuteness of this baby, let me refer you to this music video featuring Ray, an upcoming star or possible future presidential candidate. ;)


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