Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello summer 2015!

Hi guys! I gave a speech at the office on how to get started with Yeoman and Generators, so I will post my powerpoint slides here, just so you can see I am keeping my word about contributing to open source projects every few months.

... Basically I joined the development department's hackathon , where I developed a chatbot that would detect if anyone was using Japanese, and chide them into speaking English...
Well, it worked a little TOO well and joined every chat group in the company and trolled all the forums, detecting all unicode characters in the Japanese range and saying "English please!" as a response until I realized and hastily turned it off.
Luckily my bot was registered as developed by a team, and though my teammate had very little to do with my bot, it was registered as  "Nitin's Bot" so my name is not a name of infamy throughout Rakuten. :D 

We are totally not troublemakers!

And here are some random pictures of Japan that amused me, because even though I've lived here for ten years (forever) some things never cease to amuse.


Blogger jenniper said...

おひさしぶり! Congrats on your bot, even if it did go a bit overboard :)

5:34 AM  
Blogger Shohel Rana said...

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