Friday, April 08, 2005

Sugar Freak!!

Oh man, someone help me. Normally I'm not like this, but the last week or two I have eaten so much candy it's REDICULOUS! I find myself gravitating towards the bowl of left-over conversation hearts from valentines' day, because it's the only candy in the house. ... but since I'm picky, I just eat the pink and orange ones ^_^; Today's diet:
  • See's candy stick
  • rice ball
  • packet of nerds. Um, you know, the candy, not the people. .. but I do like nerds! ^^
  • burrito
  • coffee (with extra sugar!)
  • english muffin
  • approximately 45 conversation hearts
...And now my tounge is numb. I feel like this guy. Preparations... Ugh, who thought moving to another country would be so much WORK! ... what do you mean, 'everyone'?... stop looking at me like that. But seriously. What a pain in da butt. Not only do I have to figure out visa stuff, jury duty crud, etc, I have to figure out what to ship, what to bring in my suitcase, and what to throw out.. And then there's The Rest: stuff that other people would probably like and I can't possibly bring with me. I feel like I have to write a living will.
It's kinda fun, like christmas, only no spending money involved. So far, I'm giving my friend Zach my sewing machine and Ellen my car. Oh yeah, that's more paperwork to take care of at the DMV... registration, etc etc. Good thing there's no such thing as a "Department of Sewing Machines", too, or I'd really be going crazy. ^_^ Items I still have but cannot take to Japan: *Lava lamp *Small sword (I wish I could, but there are import restrictions particularly on swords, you have to get them cleared with the city before bringing them.) *Bicycle *boom-box stereo not to mention furiture like my desk and small bookshelf and dresser. I also have a lot of japanese manga that aint comin' with me. If anyone reading this is in the LA area and interested, make me an offer I can't refuse! (Like: hey Kyra, I'll take your stuff at no charge! ^_~) Resume in Japanese?? Looks like I gotta write my resume in nihongo, I've been to various helpful sites, but they all say three things that disturb me:
  1. You have to put your elementary and junior high schools on your resume.
    (?! do they need to check if you dropped out?!)
  2. You have to put your picture on your resume, and you can't smile in it. (This way they will definitely see right away all of my non-Japanese-ness glaring out at them!)
  3. It has to be hand-written, in Japanese. I'm sure for native speakers this is supposed to show something deep and intangible about the applicant's personality. Unfortunately, the thing that will be most blatantly revealed about my personality is: "I don't write Japanese!"

Oh well, luckily for me I have a few friends here in LA whom I can ask for help. *whew!* Hm, I think next post I will start counting down my days left in the U.S. of A... Later, lovelies!

Kyra Ps. I'm pretty proud of my latest comic, and I put up a guestbook. Please sign it! ^_^
PSS. I just bought my **ONE WAY** ticket!!! (scary but oh-so cool!!!)


Anonymous Stef said...

I can't wait until you're in Japan! Yay! By then I should know my way around much better and I can bug you occasionally until I am forced to go back to the states. Bleh. -.-; Darn the current apartment/possible new one and school.

You know Lauren would want the manga, even if it isn't in English.

Remind me to give you my phone number sometime. And the e-mail address for my cell phone. Jaa ne!

6:47 AM  

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