Wednesday, April 12, 2006

fab pix from japan!

Hey all. You may recall me bosting about my new digital camera in the last post. Digital cameras rule!! Alright, I know most of you have had them since like 1983 and you can't believe I finally got one NOW... but I think it's the hippest thing since the Model T! It's a ...let's see, what is it. Oh here we go, "Canon IXY digital 60 w/3X zoom lens and 5.0 mega pixels!" ...
it's nice, but my phone has it beat in two ways:
1) I can email my pictures from it instead of plugging in the physical camera
2) I don't have to resize phone pictures. ^^

I was gonna post these up on Flix, but I'm already close to my monthly limit, so there goes that idea. Instead, I shrank them down and am posting up the cream of the crop just for my lovely readers. Here is a mini gallery of stuff I've seen in the last month or two, hope you enjoy!

This is a beautiful temple right next to our apartment. Hard to believe it's on a major city street and there's a 7-11 across from it.
Is this cream really made out of Urea?! Do they even know what that word means?!! Sanity check on aisle 3!!
I ran into Mario the other day, he was just chillin' in Odaiba. We should hang out more, but he refused to give me his cell number ^_~
By the way, Japanese people don't know he's supposed to be Italian. Isn't that weird?
Normally with this four letter word you'd see a different letter in the front. This has got to be the cutest graffitti in the world. (hearts!)
Tidepools near Kamakura: Takeshi's in his natural marine habitat.
This is the view from the 18th floor at the NEC building looking over the Tama River. I took it when it was still cold, but now it's greener and there are cherry blossoms by the river, making a breathtaking panorama. (I originally wrote 'it's really pretty' decided against it. I'm afraid if I don't use my vocabulary I'll eventually start forgetting English...>_< Kyra is very afraid. I mean, terribly mortified.)
Hehe, this is me, Ayumi and Taka at karaoke on my birthday. Taka doesn't look like he minds having his arms full of girls, even though we're MARRIED! .. saying married is still weird. ^^
I took this when Viet was here and we went to the fish market. Those slabs of tuna (magura otoro, the fattiest part of the fish) are like gold... some of them are over $100! We went to sushi afterwards and managed to stay (miraculously) within a reasonable budget.

Alright kids, that's all for now. And stop reading this from work, your boss is probably right behind you and is going to blame ME for having such a fascinating blog. I don't need no bad mouthing from your crazy boss!

Oh, if anyone emailed me about the bottle thingie, leave a comment. I think my email has been acting weird lately. Maybe I should get Gmail like everyone says. ...but google is starting to scare me!!

sweet dreams!
... (no sleeping on the job!)


Anonymous Nikhil said...

While many would note that Zidane Tribal is the main character of FFIX...

WE know the real truth that Vivi Ornitier is the REAL main character!

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Jane B. said...

This is a real comment, unlike the first one. Cool, a Canon! That's what I have, but an older model. It has a very good lens. It's been raining a lot. We've got things blooming, but it doesn't feel much like spring. See you in July!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have a camera, but after having so much fun using my sister's...I may have to think about getting one.

*Flashes back to the sushi we had...and the reasonable price at the end of the meal*


11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I never noticed that temple back when I came in October. It's really just across from the 7-11? Kinda right out back of Bldg. C?

And sheesh, I gotta get another camera, one with a real zoom lens and a DOZEN megapixels. Heh. The cheap Sony from 2002 is just looking so quaint now.

Loved the pic from the 18F - thanks for that!

-- Baka-Chichi

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love seeing all your pictures. :-)

Hope the wedding planning is coming along well (and isn't too stressful)!

~Sarah <3

8:28 AM  

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