Saturday, May 19, 2007

no cheeseburgers

I hate cigarette smoke. This is a horrible country to live in if you're not a can smoke just about anywhere here, and when I come home from dinner with my coworkers, my hair and clothes always smell like smoke. Ugh.

But that having been said, I think smokers have it tough. I mean, think about all the signs everywhere, telling you where you're not allowed to smoke. There are three main reasons I can think of that you shouldn't be allowed to smoke in public, and they are:

1) Cigarette smoke stinks, and is a public nuisance.
But what about people with *really* strong cologne? Or worse yet. Body Odor!! That's definitely a nuisance to everyone around, yet there are no signs.

2) Smoking is bad for one's health.
... but then again, so is a double cheeseburger with a side of fries. AND chocolate.
Once again, a disturbing lack of signs for anti-cheeseburgers.

3) Second-hand smoke is bad for all people around!
....*achem*... cars emit smoke too, if you really think about it. So where are no driving signs?

Definitely discriminatory. But no fear, concerned citizens, I've drafted up some signs myself. Feast your eyes on these puppies, they totally level the playing field...

(I can't wait for the no bad breath section on rush hour trains especially!)


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