Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Win Fuels Hope for Democracy, Metric System

As the United States of America's 44th president gears up for his first term, nations around the globe are expressing hope for a return to 'sensible' values.

"Here in Europe, we have for most of the last century enjoyed basic rights that Americans have simply been too stubborn to accept, such as universal health care, and measuring things in base 10. Maybe now that Obama will be president, he truly will bring about change. We'll see." quoted Eidman Lodderbump, a sceptical Swede.

The previous eight years have seen an unending war in Iraq, the worst deficit in the history of the nation, and plummeting house prices, but most feel that with a new leader comes a new era of hope and measurement units.

There have been previous attepmts to bring the metric system to the US, most recently in the late 70's, but the sensible plan never caught on. Most people blame "Reaganomics". When asked for opinions, it was found that Democrats favor adopting the metric system a full 3 percentage points above the Republican party.

"What's this? Kilograms?! Here on my farm we use *rocks* to measure things, and it's been good enough for my grandpappy and my old man. Sure as heck it's good enough for me!" Cried staunch McCain supporter Juffy McBigbritches.

Whether or not the Obama administration will adopt the long overlooked measurement system, this reporter is fervently hoping it will at least become an item on the party ticket.

...can you tell I have been reading too much of "The Onion"? ;)


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