Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just In Case Your Mother Isn't Doing The Job

Today I got an email from my placement company's Mental Health Department. Normally they just say "Come in for counseling if you have concerns!"... but today's was a real keeper. Apparently it is flu season and they are concerned for their employees. Wouldn't want us to take any days off sick!

While I could translate this properly, it is much more amusing to run it through BabelFish and let you guys try to figure out what it says.

"Securely taking the meal and sleep well, it will do the body making which is not defeated to cold."

手洗い・うがいを心がけましょう。特に外出から戻ったときには、 必ず行いましょう。
"Aim to do toilet gargling .
Especially when returning from going out, be sure to do."

マスクは風邪をひいてからではなく、外出するときに着用することで ウイルス侵入を防ぐことができます。
After the mask catching cold, is not, when going out, it is possible to prevent virus invasion by the fact that it wears.

Let's aim to do the above and please pass vigorously.

Ahh, Babelfish. The best source for free Engrish lessons.


Blogger Kyra said...

poor babelfish. it didn't realize that 'te-arai' means both 'hand washing' and the very polite vauge word for 'bathroom/toilet'.

8:38 AM  

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