Friday, July 17, 2009

Team Leader = Cheemu Ri-da-

Hey guys! long time no see. I'm going to try a new format, maybe this way I can get myself to update a little more regularly. Instead of one long story, from now on this blog will be divided into tasty magazine-like nuggets. Here goes.

Working at Play work blurb of the week from an online game-hosting company. In japanese companies there are always strict hierarchical systems. You know exactly who is above and below you in the food chain (you'd better because your style of speech depends on it).
These ranks are accompanied by a plethora of titles. The way this traditionaly works is instead of saying 'Yamada-san', you put the title at the end, so the division head becomes 'Yamada-kacho'.
Of course japanese titles are used, but for some reason there is a love of western titles as well, and with the ever complex political system of everyone needing a title, they always need new ones.
So it's not strange here to hear of a Yamada-Team Leader, a Suzuki Project Manager, etc. But this way it's hard to know who's in charge. As of yesterday, one of the managers was promoted to Chief.
Does this rank above Kacho? Who knows? Who cares? But more importantly, do they know how silly 'Yamada-chee-fu' sounds? Deep thoughts.

Projects: For an anniversary present, Takeshi got me an iPod Touch. That thing is so sexy. But it seems a little crippled without the internet connection. There is *very* little free wi-fi available in this most hi-tech of cities.
Anyways, so this limits the gadget to movies, music, and applications. As a developer, I cannot help but drool at the thought of making an app for the ipod. Even with very modest pricing units, if you can just get a few hundred downloads, you just made a month's rent. Plus it just looks fun. I wanna make a 'learn japanese kanji through comics' app... drawn by moi. ;)
I was looking around, but to my dismay I found that you need a mac to develop for it. Waaaaah.

Question of the day... if you could make any ipod app, what would you make?


Blogger Mel said...

It is pretty nice. I don't have one, but I had to set one up for a girl who got one for Christmas. I felt pretty good she trusted me to take it home with me.I guess she could always chase me down at work or something..

Anyways... I like your app idea... A really good dictionary/translation app would be great too. >.< I am so bland.. LOL.
I wonder if you can make zune apps like you can make ipod apps. The Zune touch is nice and lacks apps! o.o

4:51 AM  

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