Thursday, January 15, 2009

Return of the Cell Pics

There I was, innocently riding a bus, when BAM! A minivan, decked out suspiciously like a Transformers vehicle, pulls up right next to us. I wonder what it turns into! (A cooler car than a minivan, maybe?)....Oh my. Unfortunately I didn't see what the 'his' key looked like.
Bar in Roppongi. Name of the pub: "Hang-o-bar"! Well. I know where I won't be spending my Friday nights. Two ads for the 20th century boys movie on the Seibu department store in Ikebukuro. It's the scary "tomodachi" mark!
Kentucky Fried Chicken (along with Coca-cola and the "Christmas Cake" have successfully convinced the Japanese public that KFC is a very traditional Christmas Dinner! (to be had enjoyed with coke and Christmas cake, of course.) In case you think I jibe you, here is a photo of the long line outside the KFC on Christmas eve. I had to buy this Tupperware because of the terrifically terrible English on it. The best part is of course the company name next to the copyright mark: "Lube Sheep". (yikes!!)
Fish knives seen in a "traditional Japanese crafts" store. Just imagine if these were the only knives in your kitchen and you had to use one to ward off an invader! See if either you or your attacker could keep a straight face.My New Years card! Drew it myself. Happy year of the Bull, everybody!


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I could just see those fish knives in a Jackie Chan movie...

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