Monday, October 25, 2010

Kids write the darndest things

Well, I heard back from Rina's third grade class today.
Their questions are so adorable that they must be recorded here. ... in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have mentioned anything about the possibility of Mt Fuji erupting.
but anyways, here they are in all their grammar school glory.

"Dear Kyra, Have you ever seen Mt. Fugi? What animals live there? How many times does Mt. Fugi erupt a day? Are you having fun? Are you sick ove having a bath evry day? Is it fun living near the ocean? Do you swim? Do you like Japan better then California."
from マーク

"Dear Kyra
Konichiwa have you seen Mount Fougi? Do you live in tokyo. thanks for writeing. エーロン”

"Dear kyra, Konichiwa, How is Japan? Have you seen Mt fugi? Is it so difirit from Calafornya?Do you like your bed?
from ユーナ”

"Dear Kyra
KonichiwaI wanted toknow if you like rice. or Sushi? have you ever even seen Mt Fuji? Well that is all I have to say so please respond.
Sincerly サミー"

"Dear Kyra,
Do you live near Mt Fuij? Do you like Shuie?
from Binyamin"

"Dear Kyra
Did Mt fuji irupt sens you Moved?"

"Dear Kyra,
konichiwa Do you sleep well at all and what's an earthquake like? thank you for writing.
From ミミ"

"Dear Kyra,
What do you do wen earthquakes are there? Are they near you? Wen does maunt fugi explod?
from Sami サミー"

"Dear kyra,
I hav a Questio for you haw do you surfiv with a sliping Bag and cok in such a smul kcichin haw do you Surfiv?!
from Daniel"

"Dear Kirya
Konichiwa is your house small? Do you like soushi? Have you'r seen manfugy? What do you eat? Do you have brothers and sisters? What is is like in Japan? Are you happy in Japan?
from Makusu"

Dear kyra,
konichiwah do you like Shushi I do. And I love fish and rice do you. What does yen look like? What to you do when theris earthquakes. When does mount Fugi erup? is it fun to sleep on the floor.
from Mozesu"

I tried to include all the typos, to give the extra flavor of direct and innocent third degree questioning.
But they're so dang cute!!

Dear kids,
Just want you to know, it's spelled Fuji with a j.
Kyra. ;)


Blogger Laura said...

Oh that's so cute! I hope Rina does a China lesson. Er, I guess I would be more appropriate for a California lesson... hmm, maybe I'm not going to get my wish. Oh well, cute letters. :P

3:16 PM  
Blogger Kyra said...

The kids seemed equally interested in California, so you might get your wish! ;) (remember, they're from new jersey...)

8:47 PM  

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