Saturday, April 16, 2005

These are a few of my favorite games

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on... heheh, never mind.

Today I'll be writing about VIDEO GAMES!! It looks like my landlord is in the process of selling the apartment to a new manager, so he's been having various inspections for mold/termites, etc, about once a week, for the last three weeks. He's a nice guy, but it's really messing up my sleep schedule (I work a graveyard shift). But this post is not about my graveyard complaints.
So, the manager came in the other week and noticed "You guys are *always* playing games!" and then looked astounded at the DVD rack full of Mike's collection. I found myself thinking.. "what, it's not ... normal??" Lamely, I replied, "well, Mike works for a video game company..."
Of course, that explains HIM, and not ME. Oh well. So .. what about me? I guess when you're in college, video games are the best way to kill time if you're not into things like "parties", or "homework" or "having a life". I just... haven't gotten out of the phase yet, I guess.

Anyways, I've realized that the era of games is about to end, as I'm moving and getting married and finding a 9-5 job. you think I would try to slowly ease myself away from my addiction, perhaps get a patch or something. But as any real addict would, I'm taking this opportunity to CRAM AS MUCH gaming as I can into my last month in the happy land of few responsibilities. ^_^

Here are the games I've played JUST since graduating from LMU:

Final Fantasy X I like Spencer's description: "Think Final Fantasy 8 in Hawaii." Beautiful and cool, but not as fun and quirky as some of the others in the FF series.
Dark Cloud 2 Customization central! an RPG where you travel in time to rebuild the world. Tres cool and fun.
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories For those of us who couldn't get enough of Kingdom Hearts... (Disney meets Final Fantasy in a cool way), there's a gameboy advance game that bridges the gap between the first and the sequel, which comes out this year. (So looking forward to it!!)
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker the Uber-Cute legend of Zelda game. It was much too cute for Mike to handle, he would hiss whenever he saw it and run into his room and shut the door. Hee hee.
Beyond Good and Evil Kyra's super recommendation. Sweet spy/infiltration game on beautifully rendered world teaming with life.
Animal Crossing Hm, how to describe this game. You're a cute little guy who just moved into town, and you try to make it better. You do this by making friends with your neighbors, contributing to the museum, planting trees, etc. It knows if you've been playing or not, and your neighbors get sad if you don't play for awhile. I haven't played since February, and I'm afraid what my town will look like after so long.. ^_^;
Smash Brothers My favorite fighting game. All the nintendo characters (pokemon, too) fight each other in a giant, chaotic melee battle. Nice bonus: Peach and Zelda aren't helpless anymore, they can fight their kidnappers! ^^
Pikmin 2 Have you ever wanted to be a slave driver? Well here's your chance! Grow and command your own army of little slaves to do your bidding and help you make money. It brings back fond memories of the old game "Lemmings"... Heheh.
Tales of Symphonia My favorite RPG in a long time. Why? It's funny! It has a strong story, characters you care about, and the battle system rocks. Mmm, so delicious. Bonus: the character design is done by Kosuke Fujishima (creator of "Aa! Megamisama")
Katamari Damacy This game has eaten my soul. A quote from CNN: "Put simply, "Katamari Damacy" is this generation's "Tetris". It's a game that cannot be described in terms that convey the sheer joy that you feel while playing." I couldn't put it better myself!
Fullmetal Alchemist It's fun to alchemize weapons out of stuff laying on the ground, but there's nothing really exciting about it. watching the anime is much more worth your time.
Mmm... so delicious... so many varieties... so much like crack... (what?? wait, that's not right!!)
In other news, clever Computer Science kids create a program to write silly nonsense posing as a scientific paper... And it gets accepted!! Good job, guys. ^_^


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