Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Always in the Summertime

Lucky me. I went drinking friday with some other coworkers, and explained my sad plight, and they were immediately outraged that I am being coerced to work up to and including the day before my international move.

"Woah, that's just wrong! I would have flat out said NO if I were you."
"I did! I almost had a fight with him on the phone!"
"The president is coming next week. I'll have a little talk to him for you" said a slightly higher-up the food chain colleague. He had a knowing grin and I felt much better.

Anyways, I was feeling pretty optimistic at the monday meeting... and it all turned out for the best. I am free to leave on Friday the 22nd. (woo!)

The only stipulation of this agreement is that I am now subjected to passive-aggressive comments from the 'bad cop' boss. Just the other day, we had lunch, and I got a special earful of them, through smiling teeth and laughter...

'Family is more important than work. You won't be working in New York, will you?'
'When you come back I bet you'll have four kids.'
'It's nice that the president said you could come back if you wanted.' (pause Special emphasis on *president* and slight eye-rolling)

Hah. Whatevs, sourpuss, I won and am free like a bird!

I am celebrating my new found freedom by looking at the NY. Craigslist site and dreaming up things to try, places to go, etc. Here's a list so far of craigslist-inspired daydreams I've had: *jazz bands I can sing with!
*$75K Java programming job?!
*Computer Graphics studio may want to hire me?
*Ooh, modeling agency looking for petite models!
*Publish Gemini and sell a few copies in the Big Apple comic convention?!
...ahhh.. so delicious, these sundae-flavored daydreams...

In other news, Takeshi still has six more english classes (read, 'Anger management classes'), and it looks like he's about fail, ie, kill his english teacher.

"Is understanded a WORD?!" he yelled incredulously when he came home.
Apparently his 'english teacher' (aka idiot) used that atrocity in a sentence. Then Takeshi challenged him, asking him what the difference between 'understood' and 'understanded' was. For those who want to know, "'understanded'[sic] is what you use when you're talking about someone right in front of you". That is awesome in the way that 80's fashion is awesome. You can't quite look it in the face without giggling.

Oh. And amusingly, his company has a budget for spouses to take classes in the language of the country they're moving to, as well. So I could also take courses in anger management too, if I really really wanted.
(But I will pass, because I think I would be misunderstanded.)

Anyways, I was just noticing that each of the last three years, my most exciting trips have been in the summer.
May 28 2005- moved here!
July 14 2006 - wedding in Hawaii!
and now, June 30 2007- (drumroll please...) moving to Manhattan!

Dang, I am becoming a bit of a jet setter! ^_^


Anonymous Anonymous said...

4 kids in one year? Does your family have a propensity towards quadruplets? Or are the Japanese so efficient now that they've got birthing down to 3 months? :)

Will your blog name change when you move to NY? I mean "little" (especially) and "in the Big City" are still technically correct...


7:09 PM  
Blogger Kyra said...

oh yeah. plus, I'm from CA, not NY so I'll still be a foreigner of sorts ^_^
but mostly I'm lazy so I wont change it. heheh.

oh, takeshi's grandma saw I wasn't preggers and said
'what's wrong, can't you have kids?'
man. I think japanese newlyweds must be quick with the whole babies thing...
personally, I'm trying to put it off as long as possible ^_~

5:53 AM  
Blogger Catherine Weaver said...

Well, you know what I think about the whole babies thing...

I hope one of your dream jobs comes true. You are an interesting person and deserve an interesting job.
If nothing else, you may be able to take your best blog entries and publish a book.

So, anyway, I did put up another blog- even before I saw your comment ;)

10:29 PM  

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