Thursday, April 21, 2005

Japanese Resume - Complete!

Hey! Thanks to my very helpful friends Taka, Eiko and Keiko, my resume has been translated into Japanese! Thanks, guys, you rock! ^_^
Ok, I haven't handwritten it yet, and my picture's not on it, but anyways, it's done! Woo hoo! It looks so cool, too, laden with delicious kanjis I don't recognize. ^^

Amusing points of note:
* my elementary, junior and high schools are all on there, as well as LMU
* special interests/skills include having a brown belt in judo and writing comics ^^
* I put my name as "Shinkai Kaira". Yeah, girrrrrlfrieeend, I went there. *snap*! haha. I think Shinkai Kaira looks cool in kanji + katakana , but "Kyra Shinkai" in western letters looks pretty weird. Dont ask why ^^

If you want to see it, it's posted here!
So.. if anyone happens to know somebody looking for programming/web help in the Tokyo area, feel free to pass along the link, ok? ..Alright, maybe not much of a chance.. but it can't hurt to ask! ^_^

When I was googling about for help writing my rirekishou, I noticed there was a 'translate' feature on google. How cool! I thought, and translated this page:
Down at the very bottom, next to the picture of the smiling lady, I noticed this curious statement: "* You write lie absolutely!" ...Huh? Wow, that's pretty brazen for resume advice.
Curious, I went to have a look at the Japanese version. It was: "* 絶対にウソは書くな!" Which means... the exact opposite: "Whatever you do, don't write lies!" heh. I suspect the trouble was with translating 'na', which can serve as a positive emphasis in manly, informal speech. In this case, it was a conjugation of 'kaku'. 'kakuna' means DON'T write. ^_^ hahaha, so look out, googlers! The japanese translation tool still needs a little work.

Take care, and write me! I'm only gonna be here for one more month!! (plus another 5 exclamation marks for emphasis). ^_~


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