Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Littlest Popsicle

Hey guys! Well, I cant think of any amusing anecdotes, so I think I'll just put a bunch of pictures I took around town and include some captions and call it a day.

Look at this tasty looking posicle box. I bought it because I recognize the brand (Dole) and it has a whopping 16 bars inside! Little did I know... They would be the tiniest popsicle bars I have ever encountered. I'm holding one next to my pinky for comparison. (WTF?!!)
Your typical crowded Tokyo train.This is what I would do if I thought I could get away with it. ^_~
Heh heh, this bike is especially made for Sushi delivery! Someday I may own my own SushiBike. I mean, think of all the chicks I could impress! ^^ Some swallows made a nest on the lamp of a nearby restaurant. It's a crowded area, but no one bothers the baby birds, and the other day I saw one of them fly. They're so loud and so so cute!
Alright, so as Grandma Blue pointed out, Peter isn't my Grandfather in Law, he's my step-grandfather. But I actually met my grandfather in law this weekend, He's a very talented ink painter. He painted a fish for me and Takeshi, it's hanging in our apartment now. And speaking of fish, Takeshi loves fishing. He has a ton of lures, and some of them have had the paint wear away after too much use. He asked me if I could repaint a couple of them. I looked at the paint in the fishing store, and it's enamel, and pretty expensive. Hm, enamel? I thought. 'Is it ok if I use nail polish?' He shurgged, sure, why not. So I bought the girliest nail polish I could find.. gold sparkles and glittery hearts! Heheh, I doubt any fish will go for it, but it's pretty amusing to look at.
Here's the sign to the kodokan. I finally found a closer dojo that's in Chofu city, and it's only 1000 yen per month ($10). But the Kodokan has its own street sign, check it out.. (you gotta love the little icon of the judo guy ^^)And finally, here's the picture of the beer garden. I went to with Takeshi's coworkers a while back. Kanpai!


Blogger Catherine Weaver said...

The fish lure is bigger than the popsicle. I wonder if the fish would go for a popsicle lure?

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd probably like the small popsicles because I always lick them really slowly and it ends up melting all over myself.

Traditional insult:
Those popsicles must be REALLY small because you have such freakishly tiny hands. :)

9:59 AM  
Blogger CyberLaura said...

Wow kyra, how do you make your blog so pretty!? i don't even know how to post photos, much less make captions. That's cool. Your beach story is pretty damned funny, btw. It makes me laugh. :)
Missing you in Cali,

1:59 PM  

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