Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lost in Translation? NOT!

Hi guys! I met up with Stef and some of her friends at the Ichigaya campus of Sophia University. Ahh, it was fun to reminisce about my student days at Jouchi/Sophia, and I realized how truly tiny the foreigner's campus is. It's one building. sigh. Anyways, we went to karaoke at an amazingly cheap place in Yotsuya... karaoke and a soft drink for 250 yen per person for one hour! I was impressed. Afterwards we had some pasta. One of the guys had some delicious spaggetti in suid ink sauce, which was wonderful except for the disturbing fact that it turns your whole mouth, lips and teeth BLACK and does not come off without an excessive amount of scrubbing. ^^;
Anyways, we were chatting, and the topic 'Lost in Translation' (the movie starring Bill Murray) came up. Most people liked it, but I found a bonding note with my newfound friends: They did not! Why? Because, it shows the elusive high life of a super millionare in Tokyo. It's nothing like that for students. While Mr Murray and co take taxis to high rise hotels, the rest of us mortals are crammed into trains and carted off to our tiny apartments. ~~ Ok, I guess I'm sounding a little bitter when my life is pretty good, but still. I think I eat more sushi in the states than I do while I'm here. foo. ^^

Sorry, still no internet at my apartment. But there should be a new comic up soon, I can't update from here for some reason, but I sent it to dad and he should be able to get it on the site for me. (yay!)

I got to meet up with Jen, Anh, Elaine, Risa, Ayumi and Spencer for Ayumis wedding, it was so beautiful! The after party was star wars themed, it was really cute. ^^ This weekend I went to Yokohama with some friends from when I was studying abroad... the weather was great, and I spoke Japanese the WHOLE DAY! Wow, impressive! ^^ haha.
if anyone wants to email my cell phone (yeah, that's right! ^^) my email address is kyra_in_japan_shinkai(at)t.vodafone.ne.jp 
talk to ya later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of weddings, you still haven't told us any about your own. Are you legally married yet? Was it just paperwork? Come on!

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops...last comment from Julia.

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