Friday, May 13, 2005

Mmm mmm fun!

Hm, it's been awhile since I wrote anything. Unfortunately my life isn't that interesting. So let's post some fun links!

Fun Comics!
My friend turned me on to this cute, random comic called Wigu. It really reminds me of Crayon Shin-chan. It's about a family with a little boy and his goth sister. Here they're staying home from school to write a musical about a rooster being tricked into fighting in a cock fight:

*^_^* so cuuuute!! and mildly disturbing. The best combination, in my opinion. ^^

Kill Harry This guy with the alias of "crazy kimchi" has a cool page with tons of drawings and always links to interesting things. Anyways, these days he's been working on a comic that's a crossover between Harry Potter and Kill Bill. The tagline is " "This summer, Hermione's back. And she's going to... Kill. Harry." senseless fanboy fun!!

In other news, I cut my hair. Again. By myself!! (Why on earth?!) I didn't like it, it wasn't short enough. So I got some barber scissors and cut off a bunch from the back. I just meant to cut off a bit, but it was uneven, so I cut off a bit more from one side... only to find I overcompensated, and had to snip off some more from the other side... luckliy I stopped before becoming bald. Now I look a lot like Natalie Portmans' character "Mathilda" from "Leon the Professional"...or maybe a bit like Amelie. Now I will definitely be confused for a french girl in Japan, like I was countless times when I studied abroad.Here's a sample conversation I would get while walking around on Jouchi Daigaku's campus:
Random Japanese student: "Excuse me, are you french? would you join our french language club?"
Me: "Oh no, actually I'm American, from California."
Random Japanese student: "But you're so small, are you SURE you're American?"
Kyra: "...ahahaha..." (a big anime sweat drop appears on the side of my head)

Anyways. I joined a cool mailing list of people who work in the CG industry in Japan, (or at least, have in the past, or at the very least, work in the CG industry and have an interest in Japan). They're very nice, and one of them has been working non-stop on the new full length 100% CG move "Final Fantasy: Advent Children" which is based on Square-Enix's popular video game Final Fantasy 7. They're actually up to Final Fantasy 12 now in the video game series, but #7 probably has the largest fan base out of all of their games. The movie may or may not be released to the silver screen, but my inside sources say it definitely will be released to DVD on September 14. (I'm really looking forward to it!! ^_^) Here's a link for all you link happy clickers out there. .
I like the character design for Cloud, but I'm not diggin' Sephiroth (the bad guy) so much. He was a badass in the game, but in the movie he has... Purple Lipstick?!!! *shakes head in shame*.
Anyways, I'm going to meet up with a couple of the CG people in Tokyo when I get there, we'll go out drinking and hopefully I can make some connections. Imagine.. working at Square Enix... *drool* ^_^

Oh yes, an announcement!! I'll be here in LA for one more week. Dear lord!!!
I mean, I'm very calm. And it's time for a party! ^_^ I sent out an evite, but if you're not on my list and you'd like to come, please send me an email (kyra weaver at hotmail dot com, properly punctuated without the spaces.) It'll be at Kabuki Restaurant at Howard Hues center on May 20th at 8. Either before or after I'll be seeing a movie... Star Wars, maybe? so if you can't make it to dinner, maybe you can join me for a movie! Either way, please come. ^_^



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