Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How about them apples

I found a giant apple the size of my head at the supermarket the other day! Just had to take a picture. Of course this warrented the question "would I take this at, say, Albertsons if I saw that apple in the US?" ..probably not.... ^^;

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog, we don't have internet at work and I used to update on my lunch breaks. (I know you're thinking.. "what?! no internet at work?! How do you read the JavaDocs?!" but we have internal internet with the japanese javadocs. ^^ )

But anyways, my contract with JCB ends this week, and for the interim I'll be back at my company's headquarters. They most certainly have internet there, so hopefully I'll be blogging again soon.

In the meantime, here are some little news blurbs:

1. I asked my boss for a raise, and he said "sure, how much?" ..always a tricky question.
2. Realized I never actually got my diploma from LMU, so I got in touch with the registrar's office and they're mailing it to me here in Japan. It'll be nice to see what it actually looks like!
3.Takeshi bought a nintendo Wii, and we suddenly had four game systems and no place to put them, so I made a little shelf for them from wood from the nearby home improvement store. It was fun! I measured everything so it all fits perfectly. Wow, am I a hardcore gamer, or a hardcore organizing homemaker? ^_~ (probably the first one since the sink is full of dirty dishes...) 4.Gemini (my comic) is now on page 99!(!!!!)

How about you guys? some blog updating is in order! Except for mom, she just wrote a funny blog about catching our cat, which everyone should read. ^^