Thursday, October 30, 2008


So, as anyone keeping up with current events could probably guess, the whole working in the finance industry thing didn't pan out. But worry not readers, I have found employment in an industry that is relatively unscathed:
video games!

No I am not working as a teller at GameStop. ;) I have, through my great 'kone-ga aru hito' ('has connections') friend, found a job as a programmer at an online game company. Just check out my nerdy employee badge!! And my new co-workers are complaining that they have to try to conceal it when they walk outside because its 'embarrasing'.


Anyways. I'm not doing actual game development, unfortunately and that's all done in C++ .. and in China. (go figure. I wonder if other companies are like that too). I am part of the system team that handles all the secondary stuff, like promotions, payment, etc. So, not as exciting as you might think. But the office is very cool, with dark wood and track lighing and music (from the games?) playing in the background. And the illustrations/game concept art is all done here, which I get to peek at.

So far, I am quite happy. The only problem is I'm a contract employee for now. If they still like me at the end of three months, (and the feeling is mutual), I will become a permanent employee. At a game company!!

Anyways, here's the link to the games that we run:
"Legend of Chusen":
"Perfect World":
"Yume Sekai" (Dream World):
Feel free to try them out. (I haven't yet... but I probably know all the music by heart.)