Friday, October 19, 2007

Is it autumn already?

I was trying to think about something amusing to say, when I realized ... it's just not as fun to write about your own country. For one thing, when I was in Japan, I could write amusing opinions about my coworkers, feeling safe that none of them spoke English well enough to stumble upon my blog and get me fired, like that nintendo girl. But even so, there's not really much to complain about.

....well, except for the guy who sits next to me. After he drinks a cup of coffee tends to run around the room like a hyperactive hummingbird, and does every action with about three exclamation marks after it. (put down the coffe.. *bam!!!* type on the keyboard... *BANG bang bang!!!*)...achem. Plus every single joke he makes is somehow related to QA. OMG be quiet QA guy!! I know you do QA! That is what you do! ...but I will stop whining now. (At least, until I find myself a more anonymous blog). ;)

Anyways, I actually really enjoy working at this little startup. I was hired as QA, to transition to a Java developer, and I have safely made the transition and am now starting to learn all about GWT. GWT stands for 'google web toolkit'...which is a framework that takes your Java code and transforms it into platform independent (well, mostly) javascript/html. It is tre cool. I would like to take this point to grumble that I wasn't hired by google... but then, I'm not sure I buy into the whole 'do no evil', as their hiring practices seem pretty ageist. I don't think there are very many newly hired people over there over the age of 35.

Unfortunately, that is probably true of a lot of companies. I'd better refine my manga drawing skills now, to rely on when I get old. I just hope I don't get arthritis, or the much dreaded carpal manga syndrome. (Did I mention that my webcomic Gemini is on page 106 now? It should be over in a mere 15 pages! Which at my rate, will be like.. March.) ;)

I'm trying to think of more 'american traditions' to subject, I mean, immerse Takeshi in, so Halloween seems a good fit. We're going out to a friends' to carve pumpkins and watch scary movies. Hopefully candy will be involved.